Credit & Risk Management SolutionsTransform finance into a data-inspired engineer of business growth by applying data, insight and analytics
Build Company Value With Valuable Relationships Growth. Nothing is better for a finance team than reporting to your CEO, your fellow executives and your shareholders that your company’s numbers are pointing in the right direction. And you want to be the one driving it – not just charting it. Your opportunity: Transform finance into a data-inspired engineer of business growth by applying data, insight and analytics to identify your best growth-driving relationships.

Your Challenge: Managing More Than Just Risk

Yes, you have to protect against the downside. That will always be an enormous part of a finance organization's role. But your contributions to your company's future extend far beyond your ability to manage exposure. The modern CFO also drives a company's strategy for profitable growth, providing data-inspired insight across the enterprise to develop new sources of value and smarter revenue-generating opportunities.


Critical Components of Smart Finance Strategy Dun & Bradstreet has been helping CFOs and their teams find answers to important questions for 175 years. Thousands of companies around the world rely on our proven ability to help you extract the most value and insight from data. We help you effectively pin-point where growth and risk exist in your universe, identify top sales opportunities, shorten your sales cycle and improve cash flow.
No two days are the same, no two customers are the same, and no two deals are the same. However, our credit management and compliance process are robustly built, giving us firm values in turbulent times.
Monique Diepenhorst-du Burck, Contract Review Manager, Toshiba Medical Systems Europe
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