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Every business needs to think about how much credit to extend and to whom. Introducing a simple credit checking solution to access business credit reports on potential and existing business partners, suppliers and customers. By checking the creditworthiness of your partners, you can safeguard your business cash flow.

Working with some customers, suppliers, partners, or vendors could pose a risk to your company’s financial well-being.

As economic uncertainty continues, it's even more important to assess and monitor the financial stability of potential and existing business partners, suppliers and customers. This information can be key in avoiding late payers, non-delivery of products or services, and contract termination issues.

Make informed decisions about who you do business with
You can take simple steps to check and monitor the financial picture of a potential or existing business partner, customer or supplier. Get instant access to information that can help you protect your business, including the overall business risk score, payment behaviour score, maximum credit recommendation, monitoring alerts, credit analysis and recommendations and much more

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Achieve less risk and more reward
Get up-to-date information on the financial health of business partners, suppliers and customers before you decide to work with them.
Set up automated credit report alerts
Be the first to know about changes impacting companies you do business with
Navigate uncertain economic climate
Receive up-to-date credit reports so you can make well-informed decisions quickly
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