Improve How You Manage Credit Risk with Automation and Alerts

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Unlock scale and efficiency through automation

Often, solutions are designed to meet the needs of a business today but neglect what might be needed tomorrow. So, when the scale of monitoring for risk exceeds beyond your current capacity – from resources to people – it’s time to look at other options.

Managing credit risk at scale requires a controlled environment to ensure all risks are dealt with appropriately. For example, ensuring that any high risk or high value accounts are allocated to the most experienced members of your team to handle.

At Dun & Bradstreet, we make sure you have the controls in place to carry out effective business credit checks, manage credit risk with confidence and adapt to risk in real-time – no matter your level of automations maturity or how quickly you’re scaling.

Whether that’s feeding the latest information directly into your third-party systems or setting up alerts, so you know instantly which accounts are showing signs of distress. We provide the unrivalled depth of data to support automated decisions – so you can focus on priority accounts and proactively manage credit risk decisioning.

Focus on the right areas with alerts

Keeping on top of your credit risk portfolio at scale can be challenging. As your business looks to grow, ensuring processes are efficient means you only need to focus on what matters in the moment.

Whether you’re monitoring delinquency risk levels – such as changes to payment behaviour, businesses taking more credit or slightly slower payments – or signs of failure risk which requires fast action, Dun & Bradstreet has you covered with Alert Profile rules.

We support businesses to manage risk efficiently with credit risk alerts based on default threshold settings and event indicators – or you can add your own rules to an Alert Profile. Either way, we help you focus on the areas that need your attention most.