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D&B Direct for Finance

Seamlessly integrate our credit risk API into your tech stack in order to make confident credit risk decisions, save time, automate processes and mitigate risk.

Business Intelligence where and how you want it

Data management can be complex; the D&B Direct for Finance Application Programming Interface– API for short – makes it easy to seamlessly integrate data and manage credit risk.

Powered by D&B’s Data Cloud, data is delivered in packages called Data Blocks – topic-based groupings of data elements customisable for any use case in your business.

It means Dun & Bradstreet’s scores and ratings can streamline your finance risk processes, delivered directly into your applications.

Best-in-class delivery
Our credit risk API allows you to build what you want, how you want, to meet your specific finance and credit needs. Integrate directly into your current tech stack to streamline, automate and mitigate risk.
Consistent, standardised scores & ratings
Get the latest data, including consistent global scores and ratings, piped directly into your existing workflows. Standardise lending and credit risk decisions across your organisation with a single source of truth.
Deep data insight
Leverage the world’s largest business lending and credit decisioning data with our proprietary payment insights and predictive analytics, including D&B PAYDEX® and D&B® Failure Score.
Make smarter credit risk decisions with our Unified Risk View

From large enterprises to sole traders, make smarter credit risk decisions with our Unified Risk View, enhanced by TransUnion’s UK consumer data*.

We can provide you with the confidence to make smarter decisions about business customers with comprehensive coverage of UK businesses, helping you to automate risk decisions for new customers, better manage your existing portfolio and act decisively on early signs of distress.

*Restrictions may apply to the use of TransUnion’s UK Consumer data depending on the size and type of the business in question.

Do you trade in the UK?

Alongside access to D&B’s comprehensive global business data, our Unified Risk View helps you make confident credit risk decisions on UK businesses of any size with just one credit risk management solution – D&B Direct for Finance.

It provides you with the confidence to make better decisions about your customers – from multinationals to sole traders.

Do you trade overseas?

Gain better understanding of overseas business and evaluate risk with access to structured, consistent data and risk analysis.

With standardised scores and ratings, our credit risk management solution ensures you have information you need to make smarter credit and lending decisions for businesses across the globe.

Optimise lending decisions to millions of small businesses across the UK
Grow outside your existing customer portfolio base, while maintaining positive customer experience
Maintain high security standards, with a Privacy Program designed to ensure compliance with consumer data
Grow and scale while remaining agile as you expand your reach into the UK’s small business marketplace
Expedite your credit decisions to the millions of UK small businesses
Expand by selling into an untapped market, including start-ups
Better manage your existing credit customer portfolio by controlling risk for new and existing customers
Identify high-risk customers with automated alerts, take faster action and update rates
Powered by data you can trust

Like people, businesses evolve and grow. However, these changes make it hard to be sure who you are doing business with, especially when operating internationally.

That’s why our D-U-N-S® Number is at the heart of what we do at Dun & Bradstreet. A D-U-N-S Number is used to maintain the latest information on hundreds of millions of businesses around the globe – forming the foundation of how we create business records and providing an in-depth view of ownership and linkage.

Anchored by the Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S® Number, D&B Finance Analytics includes predictive and performance-based scores and ratings, and global information to help the businesses make credit and lending decisions.

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