Credit & Risk Management

Global Financials

Make true and fair comparisons across different organisations and borders with standardised financial statements.

Make global financial analysis simple

Understanding and reporting on the financial performance of businesses across the globe can be challenging and complex – from juggling different filing requirements to balancing local regulations and various financial reporting standards in each country.

It’s time to simplify the process. D&B Global Financials provides a standardised view of financial data across a comprehensive range of international markets. So, you can gain deeper insight into financial performance of companies worldwide with standardised financial statements.

How D&B Global Financials work

D&B Global Financials creates a standardised view by pulling data from across the globe so you can assess risk with true and fair comparisons.

Our global capability enables live and accurate data feeds to be collected and reformatted into a common global format. When local reporting standards change, this is immediately re-adapted to the standard reporting. Data can be accessed via a direct API or batch feed into your system.

Access a standardised view of financial data for companies internationally (with no need to understand complex local filing formats) by creating standard score cards
Search, list, analyse and export data across geographies, industries and financial criteria to deliver consistent insight
Create financial derivations and ratios tailoring analysis according to customer internal standards
Select which currencies you’d like to use for comparisons
View up to five years of trading history on each entity (and up to 20 years in some specific use cases)
Convert local financial data filing formats to standard views across a comprehensive range of international markets
Access data via batch transfer into your system or API interface
Enable robust decisions and reviews with standardised metrics across the board, from balance sheets to profit & loss accounts and ratios

Want to see for yourself?

Access D&B Global Financials in batch or via our direct API