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Transparent information for worldwide operations with our credit risk indicator
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Identify risk and opportunity around the world

Our business environment is always changing, creating a sustained, uphill climb for those charged with keeping on top of credit risk management. From identifying risk early to spotting opportunities, you need a solution to monitor changes in the business environment of individual countries and forecast country-wide developments.

Why D&B Country Insight Solutions?

One-stop country intelligence solution for 132 countries so you can confidently identify risks and opportunities for cross-border business in the countries and regions in which you operate
View and compare your country risk exposure levels at-a-glance through our country risk indicator powered by proprietary data, with country, regional and global level insight
Commercially relevant and ‘decision-ready’ recommendations so you can assess business continuity and supply chain vulnerability to mitigate disruption and identify emerging opportunities
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Access a Unified Risk View across the globe

Dun & Bradstreet's risk indicator, Country Insight Group (CIG) solutions, deliver country and region-specific insight and data-driven analysis, helping businesses in various industries and sectors globally minimise current risks. Our solutions allow you to identify emerging challenges and explore opportunities for market expansion and longer-term investment. CIG’s analysis covers economies accounting for 99% of global GDP.

More than just risk scores

Our 14 unique, multi-dimensional risk scores are used by risk professionals such as chief officers in finance, credit, analytics, procurement, operations and marketing for key business activities and functions – including credit management for local and cross-border transactions, supply chain management, and compliance.

Our analysis is compiled by a global team of country-risk specialists, economists and data scientists, using proprietary aggregated micro-level data both from our extensive global network and our Data Cloud of over 500 million organisations.

Tailored, one-stop country intelligence for the whole organisation

The reports provide summary recommendations and clear graphics to easily identify trends at-a-glance while presenting forward-looking analysis and focused narrative around the implications and recommended actions within each of our 14 key dimensions, which include FX Risk, Market Potential, Business Continuity, Business Regulatory Environment and Political/Insecurity Risk.

Country Insight Report (CIR)
In-depth analysis of a single country’s risk & opportunities in relation to the global and regional business environment.
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Country Insight Snapshot (CIS)
This frequently updated report provides a snapshot view of a single country’s cross-border risk exposure, focusing on the political, commercial and macroeconomic environments.
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Global and Regional Insight
Developments in the wider regional and global sphere which may impact on the individual country; these are included within the CIR product.
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Collections of reports

International Risk & Payment Review (IRPR)
The IRPR is a monthly updated subscription service (minimum 12 months) to our Country Insight Snapshot (CIS) reports - a vital tool in the evaluation and control of risk when it is necessary to monitor multiple countries or obtain an overview of a particular region.
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WorldWatch Data Feed
Provides monthly Country ratings and headlines in a data format.
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Country Risk Module - Integrated Solutions
The Country Risk Module expands on the company label risk insight by placing it within the context of global risk. Providing both "at-a-glance" dashboards and access to in-depth country insight reports.
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