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Assessing business credit risk

Whether you’re looking to provide trade credit finance, or optimise lending decisions, assessing business credit risk is the first step in the risk management lifecycle. Arguably, it’s one of the most important.

Extending an appropriate amount of credit based on up-to-date information on financial health is vital. Yet, getting access to the right data and insights can be challenging.

Like people, businesses evolve and grow, which makes it hard to be sure who you are doing business with – especially when operating internationally.

We help businesses access up-to-date and timely data on hundreds of millions of global businesses. And we don’t limit how often you’re able to run checks on businesses in your portfolio. So, you can be sure you always have the latest information on the companies you choose to do business with.

Globally consistent scores and reporting

Ensuring consistency when assessing international or multinational organisations is one of the biggest challenges for managing credit risk.

At Dun & Bradstreet, we have a standardised risk approach to help make confident, timely, and accurate lending and credit decisions.

In practice, this means you have a set of scores and ratings for all the companies you choose to do business with – whether they’re next door or halfway across the world.

Determine risk for any business size

Whether you’re doing business with large enterprises or small businesses, access to the latest data to assess risk across the entire business spectrum is critical.

We help you make smarter credit risk decisions on UK businesses of any size – from micro businesses run by a single person to large, international enterprises.

Want to get started? If you are looking to access a smaller number of International or European Credit reports only, you can now order them online. Or, are you after more support in your finance management and processes? Our D&B Finance Analytics solution or D&B Direct for Finance API combines powerful insights and technology to help you manage risk, increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.