Credit & Risk Management

D&B Lending Intelligence

Make confident lending decisions with Commercial Credit Data Sharing (CCDS), the clearest picture yet on micro and SME businesses.

Deeper customer insight for faster, more resilient portfolio management

The pressure is on to make agile, risk-averse lending decisions. You need data that can help spot signs of distress before it’s too late.

With access to the broadest, deepest set of data on UK businesses, we can help you to make smarter credit risk decisions – from current account turnover providing insight into a business’ cash flow to enabling you act decisively on early signs of distress.

Pairing our international ownership data with commercial lending intelligence on business current account data, the performance of business loans, and corporate credit cards, lets you lend confidently – with less risk and more reward.

How our Commercial Lending Intelligence works

As a designated Credit Reference Agency, we act as a portal for shared banking data – under the Commercial Credit Data Sharing (CCDS) UK government initiative – enabling UK financial institutions engaged in business lending to make more robust, quicker decisions.

CCDS requires the UK’s largest banking institutions to make available business current account data for all businesses with turnover of £25m or less. The benefits for risk management includes reducing fraud risk related to bank statement tampering and decreasing the time taken for credit decisions to be made.

D&B Lending Intelligence augments CCDS data with thousands of other metrics and analytics on a loan applicant so you can identify opportunities while managing risk more efficiently. With significantly more firmographics, payment insights, corporate linkage and business credit scores, lenders can make more accurate judgements with the latest information.

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