Corporate Compliance

Ultimate Beneficial Ownership Monitoring

Efficiently monitor for change in Ultimate Beneficial Ownership of third-parties

Monitor UBO info, without sacrificing efficiency
Compliance regulations now require that Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) information is monitored for change in an appropriate time frame. Change alerts reduce the operational pain associated with reviewing ownership and provide the deep knowledge you need to make smart compliance decisions.
Monitor your entire network in near real-time, from a single starting entity
Receive automatic alerts when there are shifts in the UBO structures of your third parties
Understand the current and previous data position on all owners over the last 12 months with change history
Receive information on direct, indirect and informational changes
Understand when owners are removed or added to the structure
Option to receive alerts via API into your current workflows

How It Works

UBO is problematic to calculate and even more difficult to maintain. Monitoring is often done through periodic reviews that consist of simply checking for legal ownership, or just inspecting the third party that the organisation has a direct relationship with.

Our solution goes much further, allowing you to monitor your entire network in near real-time, all the way up to UBO, through all nodes and regardless of geography.

With UBO monitoring from Dun & Bradstreet, you will receive automatic alerts when there are shifts in the UBO structures of your customers, suppliers and other third parties.