Master Data

D&B Direct Onboard

Protect, comply and grow by integrating external data in your existing workflow

Creating your due diligence goals effectively
D&B Direct for Onboard enables you to carry out your CDD and verification processes with the right data insight. It allows you to build on your own customer data and CDD processes and drive improvements utilising our trusted data, integrated with modern API's into you existing workflow.
Delivers more of your CDD requirements efficiently in one integrated environment, in line with your policy
Access to the most complete 'Global Beneficial Ownership' database (GBO)
Create a unique and lasting Legal Entity Identifier to maintain accuracy of your data
Provides consistent data on a global scale, with the world’s largest company database
Helps minimise any regulatory and reputational risks and to comply with laws and regulations
Screen companies and individuals to ascertain a thorough due diligence evaluation
How It Works

Our data can be integrated directly into your existing processes and platforms. You can identify your customers using either our search API or by our patented match API.

Depending on your verification needs we can provide different data packages. We can also provide you different options on your integration preferences.

Our global beneficial ownership database uniquely brings together global corporate linkage and individual share ownership.

It enables you to establish direct & indirect Ultimate Beneficial Ownership at the level that is required in your anti money laundering/know your customer policy and it saves time and enables fast resolution of the most critical requirement faced by AML/KYC professionals today.

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