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Beneficial Ownership

Find the ultimate owners of your customers or business partners and connect the dots between entities and people with UBO tools Schedule Demo

D&B Beneficial Ownership Insights for Accelerated Due Diligence

D&B Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) delivers comprehensive insights on your third-parties’ and customers’ beneficial owners and ownership structures from the world’s most comprehensive and trusted source of commercial data.

With regulations such as the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) and updated AMLA continuing to tighten around reporting beneficial ownership – obtaining a single trusted source of your business partners UBOs is vital for organizations to cost effectively conduct proper due diligence, mitigate reputation and revenue damaging risks, and meet regulatory requirements for reporting.

Mitigate Risk

Know your customers & suppliers – gain a more complete view of potential risks and bad actors that may not be visible through surface level data.

Accelerate Due Diligence Make more informed compliance decisions backed by verified entity and UBO data.
Reduce Operational Costs Reduce duplicate screenings and hours spent conducting due diligence using AIdriven workflows based on your organization’s policies.
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