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Source of Wealth

Create a robust and defensible approach to obtaining information on business interests

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Establishing Source of Wealth can be challenging and can often be seen as intrusive and cause privacy concerns, however getting it wrong can be costly.

D&B Network Intelligence allows you to establish source of wealth by gathering data points to a single person:

  • Get the answers you need with a streamlined, quick and automated approach
  • Avoid asking clients and third-parties intrusive and difficult questions
  • Create a more robust and defensible approach to wealth from business interests
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Validate and evidence what you are doing leading to faster business decisions

Dun & Bradstreet is one of the few data and analytics providers that currently has this capability. The vast majority of Source of Wealth cases can be established through a person’s business interests. Using this as the first step in your Due Diligence stops the need to ask further intrusive questions.

Source of Wealth establishes a single person, bringing together business interest information and connects financial data points associated with their business interests. Bringing the information together in one place reduces time and allows you to make faster business decisions.

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