Matt Lowe

Procurement Professional


Q: What does a typical day look like for you? 
A: On a typical work day at D&B you can find me discussing requirements and challenges with internal stakeholders and helping them to identify and leverage optimal supplier solutions which meet their objectives. 

Q: What do you enjoy most about your role? 
A: I enjoy the variety in my role. No two days are the same, whether it be developing a sourcing strategy with a stakeholder, negotiating with suppliers, or pinning down optimal commercial terms, etc.

Q: Describe a project you worked on recently. 
A: Over the last couple of years, I've led my Global Team's involvement with our largest off-shore Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Partners. Working closely with my internal stakeholders, we have made great strides with developing these relationships to best serve D&B's requirements today and for the future - and there is much more to do! 

Q: How would you describe the work culture at D&B? 
A: D&B is a place where high standards and hard work are acknowledged and rewarded, and where personal development is encouraged and supported.