BenefitsDun & Bradstreet is proud to offer a broad range of benefits designed to meet the diverse needs of our team members. The program consists of the following three key benefit clusters with plans that support the various aspects of your life.*
Health CareIn order to support wellbeing and facilitate health management, D&B provides private health care cover on a corporate plan for each team member, with the opportunity to extend this cover for family dependants at a corporate rate.

Protecting you and your family in case of unexpected illness or injury is an important part of the D&B benefits programme. To make sure that you have the necessary financial resources in case of unforeseen circumstances, D&B offers Long Term Health Insurance, a Sick Pay Scheme, Company-paid Life Insurance and Business Travel Accident Insurance.

In addition we have the Employee Stock Purchase Programme (ESPP) which is a convenient way to purchase D&B common stock at a 15% discount through payroll deductions, with no brokerage fees or commissions.

We also operate the D&B Pension Plan which is designed to help you plan for your retirement, as well as providing you and your dependants with financial security.

Work & FamilyAs your work life and family situation changes, D&B offers a number of benefits to help. You can contribute tax free into Childcare vouchers for eligible childcare expenses. An Employee Assistance Program is provided to help you through difficult times. D&B also has a corporate discount scheme with a variety of providers, season ticket loans, subsidised gym membership, paid annual leave and study support, all of which further enhance our benefits offerings.

*The extent of some of these benefits may be affected by choices you make, as well as be impacted by length of service or the role/level you undertake.

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