Our teams are organized into two core groups: Content & Technology and Sales & Operations. Both groups partner with our Marketing, Finance, Legal, People and Admin Teams to deliver our end-goal: grow our business, delight customers and have fun in the process.
Content & Technology Teams

Led by Curtis Brown, our Chief Content & Technology Officer, this team is at the core of our company transformation toward a more lean and agile culture.

Life on the Content & Tech Teams

Nipa, Chief Analytics Officer
Nipa Basu
Ilio, PMO Leader
Ilio Krumins-Beens
Rich, Chief of Staff
Rich Kulesa
Sales and Operations Teams

Our go-to-market approach, led by our President Josh Peirez and supported by our Marketing teams, is based on the principles of speed and simplicity. There are six key lines of business and a multi-channel approach to sales.

Life on the Sales & Marketing Teams

Jenal, VP, Customer Solutions
Jenal Embry
Brian, Leader, Strategic Sales
Brian Alster
Rishi, Chief Marketing Officer
Rishi Dave
Our Global Teams
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