Makayo Kasai

Associate, Support Services, World Wide Network
Customer Service & Support


Q: Describe your role at Dun & Bradstreet.
A: In my role, I focus mainly on supporting our World Wide Network Partners across the Asia market, while supporting my own team members through general administrative related activities.

We have very good communications amongst the team members and lots of valuable feedback, whether it be positive or negative. Based on this communication, I feel confident in creating an output to support my team members as well as our Partners.

Q: Describe a recent project you enjoyed working on.
A: I was fortunate to work with all D&B members (including Partner markets) in collecting local bankruptcy information from each market and compile that data in our Global Bankruptcy Report. This shows the effectiveness of our strong partnership, as well as our global presence.

Q: What characteristics have helped you succeed in your role?
A: It takes courage to dedicate your time and effort to your work, especially when working with different time zones. Having patience, good listening and communication skills helps.

Q: What is the culture like in your office in Japan?
A: Dun & Bradstreet in Tokyo is a small office, but we have the experience and the expertise to support our Partners in full. I can learn new things everyday through communications with our team members and Partners. Especially with our Partners, we need to be mindful of various contexts both in language and culture. This may be challenging at times, but also interesting to learn new things every day.