B2B Customer 360

Working in partnership with Reltio, Dun & Bradstreet empowers businesses with a single view of B2B customer accounts across the enterprise. Account views are enriched via direct Dun & Bradstreet integration enabling improved financial planning, enhanced data quality and optimised multi-channel execution and management of marketing campaigns.

By connecting Dun & Bradstreet’s rich corporate insights data with Reltio’s Connected Data Platform, the partnership enables a single account view of unified, relevant data in real time.

Reduce Complexity and Accelerate Time to Value

The Reltio D&B Connector can be deployed quickly, allowing the client to realize value in the shortest time frame possible. D&B content is drawn from the largest and most comprehensive commercial database in the world. The D&B DUNS number and patented identity resolution technology complement Reltio functionality in creating unique accounts. D&B hierarchy quickly updates account alignments with new sales organizations arising from a restructuring or M&A event.

Deliver a Comprehensive Customer 360 View

Reltio supports all of Dun & Bradstreet’s key datasets including Direct+. Data sets can be accessed in real-time or in batch helping clients to drive higher sales revenue and visibility. The customer 360 view is always up to date within the Reltio SaaS platform and all upgrades are automated by Reltio and made available to clients within the platform.