Master Data

M-DaaS®: Master Data as a Service

Dun & Bradstreet offers a portfolio of enabling capabilities for commercial entity mastering. So why do all the work yourself?

Connect & integrate into native workflows
Introducing M-DaaS®, a configurable set of solutions that offer your company the ability to seamlessly integrate master data into your native workflows. It delivers pre-mastered commercial content with the global coverage you expect and the dependable quality and consistency you require.
Seamless integration into your enterprise systems
Maintains a trusted view of the entities you do business with across your systems
Improves your MDM program

How It Works

Stream integrated, quality data via web services into your company's workflows in desired formats for easy access anytime. Choose a direct API or access Dun & Bradstreet M-DaaS® through our MDM and CRM platform partners.

For master data management (MDM) initiatives to be truly valuable, your data must be optimized and enhanced with well-mastered content. Simply investing in an MDM platform is only part of the solution.

As a global leader in enterprise data management, Dun & Bradstreet offers a portfolio of solutions, that when combined, can help you master your data and enable your MDM initiatives. We're already helping Fortune 500 enterprises with their foundational master data needs.
As strong a collaboration as we have between the business and IT team, that’s the kind of collaborative, strategic partnership we have with Dun & Bradstreet as well. They’re as critical a part of our team as anybody else.
Greg McLaughlin , CRM Director , Neopost North America