How to use the right data to accelerate sales growth and build pipeline resilience

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Data-driven B2B sales: All you need to know
Many sales teams end up wasting precious time and energy on chasing the wrong prospects. This time trap is easy to avoid, by ensuring your sales team has access to the right data and information throughout their sales cycle. This article offers you an overview of the benefits of leveraging data driven B2B sales and explains the most important data elements.
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AI is disrupting search engine marketing – are you ready? 
As more people move from search engines to ‘asking AI’, the Search Engine Marketing ecosystem risks being cut out of the loop. If your marketing relies on SEM – and the data it delivers – it’s time to start preparing for change. We offer three tips to help businesses adapt.
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Intent data: The game changer in B2B sales
Having the perfect timing is essential in B2B sales. If you succeed in contacting a company exactly when they want you to contact them, the chances of closing a deal are high. In this article, we show you what intent data is and how you can use it to fine-tune and perfect your outreach timing to ensure you’re making contact with the right people, at the right time, with the right message.
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4 top tips for building data driven growth & resilience
We summarise 4 “top tips” on how to get data working for growth and resilience in your own organisation.
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