AI is disrupting search engine marketing – are you ready? 

3 tips for data-driven marketing

When Seth Godin says marketing is about to change – people listen. He has been at the forefront of digital marketing from the birth of cookies to the evolution of search marketing. At Dun & Bradstreet’s Power of Data event, Seth spoke about the AI-driven disruption that has begun and how data-driven marketing models will need to adapt. "If you think there's a lot of data flowing by now, just wait until AI gets involved”, says Seth. “We’re going to face a deluge. But more data is not going to help us do marketing better – unless we turn it into information.”   

Marketing’s brittle infrastructure  

“The people in marketing have built a brittle infrastructure”, Seth continued. “It’s brittle because we were confused about the difference between marketing and advertising. We used to make average stuff for average people – and push it out into the world. Then folks like me started showing up with tiny scraps of data. This made advertising easier, because if we can understand the threads of data we have and turn them into information that lets us understand the building blocks of how humans work, we can become technology-proof.”   

Seth then went on to talk about the disruption that AI is likely to cause, and challenged the audience to, “Stop defending yesterday as opposed to understanding tomorrow. We all need to start working with AI to get first-hand knowledge of how our world is changing right before our eyes.”