Analytics to Drive Marketing Performance

Accelerate your pipeline with meaningful insights to acquire, retain, and grow customers.

Unmatched insights to help you understand your audience and win new customers With Dun & Bradstreet's Advanced Analytics, you can better hone your target universe and isolate high-value prospects based on their estimated financial outlook and demand for your products; and apply our robust, cloud-based firmographic data to increase response rates and accelerate time to close.
Sophisticated insights to keep new opportunities in sight Dun & Bradstreet can help identify key up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to get more value from your existing customers. Our diverse analytic models are designed to provide a clear understanding of your customers' needs and pinpoint customers with the highest level of buying authority.
Advanced Analytics to transform customers into lifelong business relationships Dun & Bradstreet enhances what you already know about your customers with comprehensive insights to help identify risk and minimize churn. Through a combination of prescriptive and predictive analytics, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the customers most likely to fall so you can be proactive versus reactive. Our analytic models can help align customer service resources with the right opportunities and prioritize channel and territory assignments.