Basic Analytic Solutions: Predictors, Scores & RatingsProven analytic models developed, validated and maintained to provide the answers you need – across multiple divisions and functions. These solutions are easy to implement and customisation is possible.

Tested and proven, our basic predictors, scores and ratings are easy to add to existing workflows to make an immediate impact on the quality of your decisions whether you're in marketing, risk or managing your supply chain.

Basic Analytic Solutions
D&B Global Business Ranking (All Markets)

A standard risk indicator that will predict a business' likelihood of voluntarily or involuntarily going out of business, encountering lead up events such as filing for bankruptcy, insolvency, administration and others, or becoming dormant or inactive.

This score combines macro-economic variables and company-specific risk characteristics to enable a globally-consistent, relative measure of risk. The granularity and sophistication of the risk score will vary based on depth of underlying data attributes at the entity level.

D&B Paydex® Score
Leverages data from Dun & Bradstreet’s Global Trade Exchange Participants to calculate a dollar weighted average days to pay. Use for Risk knockout.
Worldbase® Archive
A traditional analytic data set of 55 attributes archived monthly over the last 3 years. Provides point-in-time insight at the DUNS-level on triggers, linkage, sales, year started, employee size, SIC and activity level.
Delinquency score (UK only)
This predicts the likelihood that an organisation will pay its bills in a severely delinquent manner over the next 12 months. “Delinquency” is defined as an organisation that, according to Trade Experiences collected by D&B, has paid less than 75% of Trade Experiences within terms and more than 10% paid 90+ days late.
Failure Score
The D&B Failure Score predicts the likelihood that an organisation will obtain legal relief from its creditors or cease operations over the next 12 month period. The Failure scorecard also looks for events signalling the onset of failure, such as a meeting of creditors, administrator appointed, bankruptcy, receiver appointed, and petition for winding-up. The Failure Score makes risks visible, allowing our customers to reduce their bad debt and identify profitable opportunities.
D&B Rating
The D&B Rating provides a quick and clear indication of the credit-worthiness of an organisation, which helps you to identify profitable opportunities for growth, and risks that could affect bad debt and cashflow.
Supplier Stability Indicator
The Supplier Stability Indicator (SSI) predicts short term financial and operational health of a supplier. The SSI is global in nature and is available on all active records, regardless of a supplier location. A supplier is scored on a 0 – 10 scale, 0 being the lowest risk and 10 the highest risk. This is a consistent metric of measuring supplier risk across the globe. The SSI is available as long as minimum data requirements are met, regardless of country.