Third-Party Risk

D&B Supplier Risk Manager

The most comprehensive, convenient, and credible way to monitor risk
Anticipate and alleviate third-party risk
D&B Supplier Risk Manager™ provides the information and tools you need to monitor supplier relationships and avoid costly disruptions. Powered by Dun & Bradstreet data and analytics, this is the only SaaS solution that provides critical risk indicators on more than 330 million global businesses.
The most comprehensive, convenient and credible way to monitor risk

You have the power to mitigate risk

You know third parties are integral to your business. And you also know that worrying about the quality and integrity of your suppliers will keep you up at night. Selecting the wrong ones could be catastrophic. D&B Supplier Risk Manager is an innovative, data-inspired solution to help you avoid making the wrong choices. The platform highlights which vendors are worthy of a relationship with your company and identifies which ones to phase out of your supplier base – before it’s too late.

Only Dun & Bradstreet can tell you which partners are likely to go under and which ones are poised for longevity.

Monitor your entire supplier portfolio in a robust, easy-to-use dashboard for the best overall view of your risks and opportunities.

Create profile pages on third-party relationships of your choice, highlighting their risk specifics and providing the best overall view of the supplier.

Keep your options open and be ready for a vendor failure by quickly identifying your supplier’s competitors and create Red Flag alerts to surface critical information in a timely way.

We compared the quality of data and the expertise of six providers in the market and we selected Dun & Bradstreet because they delivered not just the high quality data and analytics solutions but also the consulting expertise to help us implement efficient risk management processes.
Company Director, Global Insurance and Asset Management Firm