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D&B Analytics Studio - Reference Repository

Studio provides access to thousands of business insights across varied business dimensions. The raw and derived attributes are structured in Functional Categories for easy use and fast processing. Predefined Analytic Functions and Key Considerations help shorten development cycles for most common use cases. Data Dictionary is also accessible within the Analytics Studio platform using the Utility Search feature.

Functional Categories

Studio data is structured in Functional Categories for ease of use: D&B Core, D&B Advanced (including Scores/Indices/Ratings), Financial Repository, Alternative and Covid-19

Analytics Studio Functional Categories


Predefined Analytic Functions

Libraries developed by D&B’s Advanced Analytics Team to enable faster processing of common use cases

Analytic Functions

Alternative Data Documentation

Learn more about D&B’s Marketplace of Alternative Data

Data Exchange Partner Deep Dive

Key Considerations

Best practices and key points to understanding the data structures and efficiently navigating the data tables

Analytics Studio Data Best Practices

* Resource documents will be added and updated on a routine basis. Please check back to this page frequently. If you are a current customer of D&B Analytics Studio and have any questions, please reach out to your D&B Account Team or Analytical Consultant. If you are not a current customer, please visit the D&B Analytics Studio page to request more information.