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Perpetual KYC and Monitoring

Under Know-Your-Customer (KYC) requirements, regulated institutions are expected to periodically review and refresh information they hold on their clients on an ongoing basis. Firms have been looking for many years to improve efficiency and be more ‘real-time’ in this space.

‘Perpetual KYC’ comprises ongoing automatic monitoring of all clients or third parties. It is a fully event-driven process where all aspects of data that drive your risk rating are continuously checked and updated with the latest information using automation. Changes are assessed immediately as they occur, and entities are intelligently rescored if needed.

The benefits can go beyond cost savings and efficiency. Perpetual KYC is proactive rather than reactive. It allows you to react faster to changes that may impact your organization's risk tolerances, and even captures information that you may have missed between periodic reviews.

Dun & Bradstreet can supply the data and technology to intelligently mature your current processes and systems and achieve perpetual KYC, including integration of live updates to beneficial ownership and firmographic information.