D&B Investigate®

Unleashing the power of data and collaboration for government agencies.

We’re Your Force Multiplier
When wrong is done, you set out to try to make it right. The path to justice can be winding, but you bring the skills and the drive to balance the scales–and help good people find peace.

D&B Investigate® takes your expertise and gives it teeth. Built with unencumbered collaboration in mind, our unique operating environment puts multiple agencies on the same path to resolution—powered by the kind of data that opens up new perspectives and drives deeper insights. All backed by a support team with substantial law enforcement experience.
A fresh perspective can turn the whole case around. D&B Investigate offers a new way to collaborate, free from administrative hurdles or security risks. All in one place.
Do more investigation and enforcement and less gathering and compiling. D&B Investigate provides a smooth, intuitive system that pulls together critical data showing unique patterns and trends you won’t find anywhere else.
Leverage Dun & Bradstreet’s extensive body of proprietary investigation data. Drawing from multiple sources, D&B Investigate combines validated information with experienced industry support.
Give your team the edge for whatever comes next with our first-of-its-kind cross-agency operating environment built exclusively for government agencies. Learn More