Payment Portal

Enable faster payments with a secure, flexible digital self-service portal
Improve Your Customers’ Experience with Online Bill Pay
Payment Portal from D&B Finance Analytics Receivables Intelligence is a powerful self-service portal that provides your customers with their up-to-date A/R data to pay online, track orders, and manage their profile. With online payments, you’ll get paid faster and reduce errors and processing costs.
Real Time & Secure Payments
Securely accept online bank payments, credit cards, and other payment types
Improve Customer Experience
Digital self-service portal provides your customers 24/7 access to statements, invoices, order status, documents, disputes, and more
Own the Customer Experience
From provisioning to branding, personalize the customer experience using this AI-driven workflow platform
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See how Payment Portal provides a secure, flexible digital self-service portal to help you improve your customers' experience and collect faster payments.

Flexible & Secure Payment Options

Improve your customers’ experience with a secure, flexible and digital self-service payment platform

  • Send unique payment links to your customers when it’s time to pay
  • Your customers see your branded payments page
  • Customers pay instantly or schedule a payment using flexible payment methods such as credit cards, ACH
  • Users can also view, download, and print account statements and invoices with enabled QR codes, use two-way messaging, update their profile, manage disputes, and more
payment portal

Automated Provisioning & E-Deliveries

Payment Portal can help you significantly reduce printing and mailing costs, as well as reduce DSO by enabling timely payments, and dramatically improve your digital customer experience. The portal provides an intelligence engine to automate customer signup as well as e-invoice and e-statement deliveries. E-invoices can be sent using the electronic formats required by your customers’ AP systems; e-deliveries can be scheduled or delivered on demand.

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Invoice & Statement Templates

Payment Portal has an advanced templating engine to reproduce the exact format of the invoice and statement. Customized emails can be used to promote various collections campaigns. Customers receive a single email even if hundreds of invoices are merged into a single PDF attachment. PDF account statements and invoices also feature QR codes to ensure easy payment.

payment portal

Auditing, Tracking, & Reporting

Payment Portal logs every email sent and provides complete tracking and auditing of deliveries, including when someone logs into the portal and which invoice is viewed. The system provides dashboards and reports on email send rates (how many opened, how many bounced, how many opted out). Unsuccessful deliveries are tracked in the system and routed to an inbox so users can resend them to the correct address, which increases delivery hit rates.

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“We process millions of transactions per year. I knew we needed to find and implement a platform that could integrate large volumes of information from multiple systems, automate otherwise manual processes, and generally make it easier for our customers to do business with us.”

Ken Young, CCE; Director of Credit; Sonepar Canada

Easy-to-Implement, Easy-to-Use Configurable Applications

Receivables Intelligence from D&B Finance Analytics comprises three applications – Collections Management, Payment Portal, and Cash Management. When combined with D&B Finance Analytics Credit Intelligence, they create a powerful credit-to-cash platform.

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