Credit & Risk Management

D&B Credit Reporter

Evaluate a company’s credit scores, ratings and creditworthiness.
Faster, smarter business credit decisions
Make more confident credit decisions on your customers and partners with D&B Credit Reporter. This credit reporting software is perfect for small and mid-sized businesses that need to make a limited number of credit decisions.
See a company’s Risk of Bad Debt Write-Off, indicating if a business will experience financial distress.
Leverage its proprietary D&B Maximum Credit Recommendation to make smart credit extension decisions.
Access Companies House documents for free, directly within the application.
View a company's Cash Flow Risk and Payment Behaviour score to gain insight into repayment habits.
Access more than three million corporate family trees to uncover new revenue opportunities or hidden risks.
Explore aggregated tweets, company news, management changes and timelines to assess a partner's online presence.

How It Works

More than ever, credit managers need to make fast decisions about what companies to extend credit to and how much credit to extend them, while keeping in mind that just because credit applicants and current customers meet its criteria today doesn't mean they will tomorrow. With D&B Credit Reporter, you no longer have to simply rely on business credit scores and ratings alone. Now you can have access to a company's latest news—from acquisitions and leadership changes, to judgements and insolvencies. Offering a complete view of a company's financial health with additional insights, D&B Credit Reporter ensures the successful growth of your company without exposing it to unnecessary risk.
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