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Risk Type Prioritise collections and help grow business by identifying the best and worst customers across your portfolio.
Aging Help improve cash flow with bucketing based on age to better prioritise collections before accounts become severely delinquent.
Credit Limit Utilisation See distribution of accounts that may require further action, opportunistic or protective, based on outstanding balance compared to utilisation of assigned credit limits.
Total Outstanding Understand how much exposure you have by bucketing accounts into outstanding balance ranges of low, medium and high risk.
Risk Trends Ensure the right balance of risk in your portfolio and adjust credit policies as necessary using risk score trending.
Corporate Linkage The Corporate Linkage table shows portfolio exposure and opportunity via the relationships between corporate entities both in and outside of your portfolio.
What I particularly like is the robust nature of the Dun & Bradstreet data. Incorporating it into risk reporting gives us a lot of flexibility in analytics and reporting.
Evan Morgan, Credit Manager, Securitas