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How It Works

Business credit information really matters as it helps lenders, customers and suppliers to quickly evaluate your business, including swift decisions about which companies to extend credit to and how much. Company scores and credit limits can change quickly; D&B CreditMonitor makes you aware of what is being reported about your company in real-time. Offering access to your complete D&B Business Information Report, D&B CreditMonitor, keeps you up-to-date on your company's creditworthiness, and with the Peer Comparison Pack, you know exactly where you stand against your key competitors.

With a complete view of your company’s credit profile, D&B CreditMonitor empowers you to proactively see what’s affecting it and act, helping you to grow, manage and safeguard your business.

Learn your viability as a credit partner
D&B CreditMonitor with the Peer Comparison Pack gives you comprehensive information that other businesses use to make credit decisions about your company.
Access your company’s credit profile

Signing up to D&B’s CreditMonitor gives you an easy way to access additional rich and real-time insight on your business’ credit profile including:

  • An overview of all your credit facilities
  • Your current account balance
  • Your credit card balance(s)
  • Your existing business loan(s) balances.

How to Check Your Business Credit Scores and Ratings

Choose from our packages below and subscribe today!

Access your D&B Payment Score, to know your bill paying history.
View your company's Cash Flow Risk score to gain insight into your repayment habits.
Get your Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S Number – your business’s unique nine-digit identifier.
Use the Peer Comparison Pack to compare yourself to another company's scores and limits when bidding for new business.
Update inaccurate information being reported to lenders, vendors, insurers and other companies looking to do business with you.
View your maximum credit recommendation to see if your company is recommended for credit.

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