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Data Talks Episode 18: What COVID-19 Taught Us About Matching

When the unexpected occurs, examine your business rules

Host: George L'Heureux, Principal Consultant, Data Strategy
Guest: Andrew Merkel, Data Strategy Consultant

When the COVID-19 pandemic descended on the world in early 2020, some businesses were more prepared than others to weather the ups and downs that followed. Among the advantages the more prepared enterprises had was that they were already regularly checking their business processes to make sure that they were finding marketing targets, evaluating partners, and assessing risk properly.

As Dun & Bradstreet Data Strategy Consultant Andrew Merkel explains, the ability to do that well is rooted in matching rules that make sense for those companies’ business goals, and that are regularly reevaluated and updated as needed. Companies that didn’t do that – or still don’t – may find themselves lagging as economies recover.