Dive into Omnichannel Marketing by First Identifying Your Customers

Omnichannel Marketing – A Data & Platform-Driven Guide for B2B Marketers (part 1 of 3)

If you’re like me, you download and collect online whitepapers, guides, and other how-tos, but rarely have the time to pore over them in detail. So I put myself in your shoes and created some quick 1-minute reads to share the most important tips from our guide: Tackling An Omnichannel Marketing Triathlon, brought to you by Dun & Bradstreet and partner Adobe.

Get the highlights here, but do download the guide below and have a look - you'll be glad you did.

A triathlete is a person who doesn’t know that one sport is enough. A modern marketer is one who knows that one engagement channel is not enough.
Author Unknown

You're swimming in an ocean of customer data while your target audience is learning about your brand across both online and offline channels. To be competitive, you’ll need to target the right high value audiences and master the best of all relevant channels. It’s a triathlon of marketing expertise.

To ready for the first leg of your omnichannel marketing race, you need to have a foundational understanding of your existing customers and “see” them across your marketing platform.

Here are my top 3 tips for getting your triathlon off to a great start:

  1. Identify Active Customer Channels – How are your customers interacting with you? Be it web, email, sales calls, video, and social – be proactive and address the most relevant channels.
  2. Unify Your Customer Data – Combine the information you have gathered across your systems to build out the best audience profiles. This could be everything from your CRM to your DMP.
  3. Complete the Customer Picture – Using the account profiles you’ve created, enhance your view with a trusted third-party data source for key firmographic and contact details.

Act on these pointers and your next leg of the triathlon will be a breeze. We’ll share three more training tips in the next blog of this 3-part series: “Pound the Petals  – Target Your Best Segments.”

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