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Targeted ABX with Ideal Customer Profiles

More Reach. More Engagement. More Leads.

When LiveRamp needed a single source of truth for customer data to uncover and reach new target accounts, they turned to D&B Rev.Up ABX and our industry-leading CDP.

Need: Find and Engage the Right Buyers with Evolved ABX

LiveRamp, a company offering a data connectivity platform, was an early adopter of an account-based marketing strategy. They knew that being able to target audiences and demand using an ideal customer profile was the way to reach and engage the right buyers at the right times.

And they saw good results with ABM, but knew they had to level up to reach and engage new buyers as they expanded and added to their portfolio of offerings. Their ABM approach – and the tools they used – had to evolve into ABX – account-based end-to-end experiences.

They needed:

  • A deeper understanding of their target accounts and when and how to engage with them, including the ability to have a comprehensive view of accounts to identify ideal customers
  • Insights into what buyers want to purchase and when they are in-market
  • The capability to build new audiences based on powerful analytics and using different models for different needs
  • Integration of marketing campaigns and sales plays to speak to the same accounts throughout their buying journeys, based on target accounts’ interests

That’s where D&B Rev.Up ABX and its industry-leading CDP came in. LiveRamp had seen positive referrals from companies already using it and decided to try it out. The results were convincing.

Solution: Gain a Single Source of Truth for Marketing

With D&B Rev.Up ABX, LiveRamp was able to use data more intelligently to successfully grow and evolve their ABM execution. Our embedded CDP offered LiveRamp a way to build their ideal customer profile and have a single source of truth for account data, as well as creating target segments, activating across channels, and prioritizing inbound leads.

D&B Rev.Up ABX gave LiveRamp flexibility to build, target, and engage audiences at scale.

With that single source of truth, they then had the power to:

  • Learn: Unify data for a single source of truth and create ideal customer profiles that let them create company maps of accounts for true understanding of their buyers 
  • Target: Use AI-driven modeling to create audience segments for different purposes, such as  industries, business size, or solution interests for more focused campaigns and sales plays
  • Engage: With more comprehensive and insightful data, LiveRamp could craft more relevant messaging to capture attention and convert buyers
  • Measure: Use data to understand each point in their buyers’ journeys so they could efficiently and effectively deliver marketing campaigns and sales plays

Result: Real Gains in Key Metrics

LiveRamp was able to uncover a new universe of accounts and engage with the right buyers at the right times with multitouch campaigns and sales plays. The enhanced data and insights – and the single view of customers – gained from D&B Rev.Up ABX provided a concrete foundation for a more sophisticated ABX program.

The company saw:

  • 2X increased reach
  • Higher engagement, with a response or interaction from 33% more of their reached target accounts
  • 4X more MQLs