The Data Inspired Art of Growing Customer Relationships

Today, B2B buyers aren’t waiting for you to deliver marketing information to them. They’re out there, actively looking, and choosing how (and if) they want to interact with your brand.

Why isn’t data helping us create better content and, in general, better marketing? It may be because we’re focusing on the data rather than what really matters: the customer relationship.
The Editors, Dun & Bradstreet

In this e-book, you’ll learn how to engage self-educated customers with the new art of marketing, a discipline that uses data to build relationships that build your business. In this 25-page piece, you’ll find useful facts, fresh perspectives and easy tips for practicing the new art of data-inspired marketing. Download “The Data-Inspired Art of Growing Customer Relationships” now to learn…

  • Why data isn’t helping us understand what is really working with our marketing
  • The difference between data-driven and data-inspired marketing
  • Simple steps to getting your customer data relationship-ready
  • The art of using data to build the right relationships
  • Symptoms of over-marketing and under-marketing – and how to avoid both
  • The ignored (but vitally important) part of owning the customer relationship: telling sales

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