Using Data to Engage with Relevance

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A Fortune 100 technology company providing a portfolio of personal computing systems and printing solutions worked with Dun & Bradstreet to implement an account based marketing (ABM) program. They’re using data and buyer insights to engage with targeted mid-market and enterprise accounts at scale, personalizing content across diverse digital channels to deliver the right message and experience across the buyers’ journey.

The challenge: Rise above the noise

Digital interactions with buyers is critical. But B2B buyers are being bombarded with messages on digital channels. This company wanted a way to stand out – to rise above the digital noise and get noticed by potential buyers.

“In B2B marketing, ABM gives us that edge, allowing us to be relevant in our messaging with targeted buyers. In other words, targeting the right buyer with the right message,” notes the company’s Global Director of Digital Activation.

Solution: Targeted ABM at scale

The company wanted to build an ABM campaign that would share relevant information with target accounts and drive these potential customers through the buyer's journey. For the program to succeed, they needed a solid understand of their customer to effectively utilize the different media channels to engage with those accounts.

“Working with Dun & Bradstreet allows us to better understand who to target and to prioritize these accounts. Leveraging data and buyer insights can helps uncover which stage of the buyer's journey these target accounts are in, the use-cases they are expressing intent, the location that is expressing the buying intention, and how likely they are to buy in the near term. With these insights in hand, we can prioritize target accounts by the intent level they are showing, tailor the digital/web experience, messaging, and pitch. This ultimately can accelerate engagement and remove friction when these buyers are ready to talk to sales.”

The results:

Linking their analytics data with Dun & Bradstreet data allows the company to see a prospective business’s engagement on a web page, the content they're consuming, form fills and more. This lets them correlate engagement to attributed ROI.

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