Close More Deals with Sales Intelligence

With loads of information at their fingertips, today’s buyers are more empowered than ever before. They are spending ample time searching online, reading analyst reports, and checking social media—all of which has made the salesperson’s job more difficult.

Companies that use sales intelligence report an average sales quota attainment of 77%, compared to just 34% for those that don’t.

Now, representatives are tasked with trying to convince discerning, price-sensitive buyers already halfway through their purchasing decisions to give them a chance. While empowered buyers may be here to stay, all hope isn’t lost for salespeople. When equipped with the proper sales intelligence, sales agents can better serve customers and bolster sales performance.

What is Sales Intelligence

Not to be confused with sales data (e.g., a prospect’s name, phone number, and job title), sales intelligence is detailed information about prospects—including financial history, corporate linkage, social media news, market intelligence, and more—that educates representatives and enriches the sales pipeline.


Those who leverage the power of sales intelligence stand to benefit tremendously from their efforts. According to research from the Aberdeen Group, companies that use sales intelligence report an average sales quota attainment of 77%, compared to just 34% for those that don’t. Besides improvement in sales quotas, sales intelligence can help agents

Better Sales Tool, Better Sales Process

While the Internet holds an abundance of useful information, it’s not well-organized or focused on the needs of the sales professional. It can often take hours for salespeople to find the information they seek. According to the Aberdeen report, 40% of all respondents stated that their sales reps spend more than 20% of their time looking for sales intelligence rather than selling. By integrating sales intelligence directly into your CRM system, your agents can save time and effort on research.

Understand Your Sales Prospects

A shocking 75% of buyers feel they are way ahead of a salesperson who is supposed to be “helping” them, according to research from SAP, titled “What’s the Future of Sales?” Don’t get trumped by your prospects; rather, gain a better understanding of your buyers so you can speak more intelligently about their industries and unique needs.

Build Trust and a Profitable Relationship

Trust is an important factor for buyers. They want a dependable salesperson who has their best interests at heart, not someone who’s just trying to make a buck. By leveraging sales intelligence, agents can display their expertise and build a rapport with buyers.

Create More Targeted, Tailored Sales Pitches

No two buyers are the same, meaning a one-size-fits-all sales pitch won’t cut it. According to the SAP report, 80% of buyers say vendors approach them with canned sales pitches. With sales intelligence, agents can create more tailored proposals that are tied directly to the specific needs of their buyers.

Customers want to be sold in ways that are relevant and personal. By leveraging sales intelligence, sales representatives can better target, engage, and retain customers.