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[Case Study] Citrix: A Data Driven Strategy for Growth

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How Citrix is using data to inform prioritization, workflows, and growth.

“As marketers, we obsessively track opportunities, but we don’t track the 97% of engagements that don’t become opportunities. We’re just doomed to repeat the same behavior over and over again.”

So laments Barry Magee, Director of Business Intelligence at Citrix. B2B sales and marketing practitioners have yet to follow the thinking of Thomas Edison who famously stated, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” In other words, learn from our failures because they may provide more actionable insights than our wins.

Instead many B2B go-to-market teams continue to be intuition driven or aren’t using all of the available data points to accelerate growth. Being truly data driven, with interconnected and interrelated data, can transform go-to-market teams. It’s time to break free from the silos and start learning from everything we do.

Case Study Citrix Data Driven Strategy for Growth

This Dun & Bradstreet case study demonstrates how Citrix has undertaken a complete redesign of what it means to be data driven in sales and marketing. Citrix has developed a platform that leverages data and D&B Rev.Up ABX for Sales, powered by the D&B Lattice CDP. Nicknamed 'Project Edison', after the famous inventor and in recognition of his quote, the platform is now deployed globally to more than 3,000 users.

Results To Note

Citrix has rethought the meaning of a data-driven strategy for sales and marketing. With D&B Rev.Up ABX for Sales at its core, Project Edison has increased speed to pipeline, increases sales conversion rates, and decreases time spent to achieve higher-conversion rates. Marketing uses the platform to drive campaigns and segmentation. Sales Ops values the data to provide sales play recommendations and optimize territories. Customer success teams discover insights to prevent churn and drive adoption.

Barry notes, “The more sellers execute, the more the models get smarter and smarter.” 

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