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Stronger Match. Greater Reach. Better Digital Results.

Reaching Audiences More Precisely – Globally

Empowering modern data-driven marketing is our passion at Dun & Bradstreet.

Marketers’ jobs are increasingly complex as the world transforms around them. We’re all seeing the ripple effects from the dramatic acceleration of the digital customer journey over the past few years – and many are reeling to keep up and stay competitive.

Our customers – and yours – are researching and engaging with companies via websites, social media, email, or other digital channels. Buyers want personalized messages tailored to them that show marketers are paying attention. At the same time, they want us to respect their privacy and be thoughtful and cautious in how we collect and share data.

This transformation has driven the proliferation of data and disparate marketing and sales tools that, quite frankly, aren’t all rising to the occasion and meeting marketers’ needs. Marketers are struggling to connect data about their customers to get a full picture, and to connect the tools they use for different tasks.

The challenges of these three “Ps” – privacy, personalization, proliferation – all add up to marketers’ jobs feeling like we’re trying to push a boulder uphill. But there are also big opportunities for the teams who can find the right answers.

We want to help make all of that easier. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Dun & Bradstreet has acquired Eyeota and will soon acquire NetWise, partners who have been on this path with us to offer more robust data and audience solutions for sales and marketing teams.

Why We’re Doing This

This is a response to the marketing struggle – and the growing market for digital advertising.

We are executing on our vision to help revenue-generating teams get out of the business of wrangling data and technology and get back to engaging with their customers and prospects to drive growth for their companies.

As marketers shift an increasing amount of their budgets from traditional marketing tactics to paid media – often without knowing if they are reaching the intended audience – we realized that they needed better data and solutions to ensure they reach the right audience and optimize their spend.

The acquisitions of NetWise and Eyeota help us to strengthen this vision – enabling Dun & Bradstreet to deliver a unique combination of capabilities for digital marketing teams.

Taking Data From B2B to C

Dun & Bradstreet already offers valuable data and insights for marketers and we continue to build upon that. With this acquisition, we will add to our set of hundreds of millions of companies and contacts Netwise’s database of:

  • 28 million U.S. and 100 million global companies
  • 100 million U.S. and 300 million global professionals
  • 250 million U.S. consumers

But their data is just part of the story. NetWise offers what they call a “B2B2C” identity graph that sharpens our ability to unify offline professional information with the online personal, such as connecting work emails to personal emails – and in a privacy conscious way.

This is important because most individuals use their personal emails as the primary identifier online. Think about your Twitter, Google, or LinkedIn accounts – they are most likely under your personal email. Dun & Bradstreet’s professional contacts will get linked to this identity graph to increase our digital match rates on platforms where targeting is based on personal identifiers for reaching and targeting individuals. At a high-level, NetWise gives us a way to get higher match rates digitally.

Higher match rates equal higher confidence that you’re reaching the right audience. The better we are able to associate personal emails with professional emails, the more we’ll be able to help marketers reach their intended audiences across their digital channels.

For companies that sell to both business and consumers, we will be able to help link profiles together to drive operational efficiencies and open up new opportunities.

Improving International Reach

A truly exciting piece of this evolving vision is that you can gain improved ability to build international audiences and reach cohorts of buyers around the globe.

Eyeota brings to the Dun & Bradstreet fold an advertising technology, or adtech, platform that enables you to use your own first-party customer data and third-party data segments to build targeted global audiences for your ads.

Together, we are now able to match our professional contact data to consumer data to get higher digital match rates and have a way to send those digital audiences via our adtech platform and an established ecosystem of global DSPs and ad networks.

Putting the Pieces Together

This all helps you as marketers to embrace what we’ve been calling the business-to-person, or B2P, approach. The old way of thinking about B2B marketing isn’t enough in this new era, when buyers at businesses want to be talked to like people.

Empathy has always been a marketers’ greatest tool, but it’s more important than ever to be able to make an emotional connection – to resonate – with buyers in a tsunami of digital noise.

The key to effective marketing with a B2P approach is to better understand individual buyers and improve our ability to reach them in the channels where they’re most likely to see our messages, but we’ve needed to evolve our data and insights to do this with precision.

Marketers have relied on Dun & Bradstreet and the D-U-N-S® Number to target business buyers with confidence via email and phone. We'll soon be able to help them target customers across digital channels with the same level of confidence and precision, enabling them to use marketing dollars more efficiently and effectively to reach and engage their buyers.

We reached a major milestone on this journey earlier this year with the launch of D&B Rev.Up ABX. We continue to build for the future with a vision to help our customers better align their teams, data, and revenue technologies. These acquisitions advance our ability to help our customers to ensure the integrity of their data and make it easier to engage their target audiences with relevance and confidence.

Dun & Bradstreet has the B2B data. Now we’re bringing together NetWise and Eyeota to help us better reach the end customer where they are – at their desk, on their mobile device, and across media platforms, while our D&B Rev.Up platform enables true omni-channel execution of this data.

We look forward to the next step on our journey together.

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