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Growth, Relationships and a New Dialogue for the Big Data Era

The Business Imperative: Growth

Growth is the lifeblood of business, and most of our careers are focused on finding ways to generate it. In fact, CEOs say growth is their Number 1 imperative.

The reality they face today, though, is that growth seems harder to find than ever.

Many markets that were recently deemed “growth markets” are no longer growing, and recently stable markets are now declining. And companies invest heavily in the pursuit of growth. They spend $3.8 trillion a year on information technology, $300 billion on travel, $431 billion on consultants and $50.3 billion on sponsorships. Unfortunately these investments are often made in vain. Dun & Bradstreet analyzed millions of companies in our database, and only about a quarter of them meaningfully grew in 2014.*

Since growth can be elusive, many executives are left asking: Where do I find it? What do I have to do to achieve it? How do I sustain it?

This exclusive Dun & Bradstreet whitepaper covers the following key topics:

  • The Secret to Success: Relationships
  • Relationships in the Modern Age
  • A Relationship Platform and Benefits
  • A Relationships-Driven Culture


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*Meaningful growth defined as growth that outpaced GDP growth or rate of inflation.