2018 Brings Greater Speeds, Automation, and Delivery

Predicting the future of analytics-one year at a time.

More and more, organizations are looking to predictive analytics and machine learning to address their complex business challenges. While these technologies and disciplines have remained core components of D&B’s offering for decades, we continue to push the limits of analytics’ applications and capabilities.

Whether it's preventing human trafficking, identifying fraud, or providing lifesaving medical information, we will always pursue meaning within the mountains and oceans of data all around us, and stay at the forefront of trends and developments in the world of analytics. To get a glimpse of the coming year, we asked our former Chief Analytics Officer, Nipa Basu, what she predicted we will see in 2018.

This infographic covers the everchanging landscape of analytics, with a focus on how 2018 will brings greater speeds, automation, and delivery to data analytics tools.

Nipa Basu, former Chief Analytics Officer of Dun & Bradstreet, predicts great leaps in analytics developments for 2018:

Customization in Analytics:

Fewer organizations will look to pre-packaged analytic solutions and will begin working on customized models to suit their unique challenges.

Real-Time Delivery

Due to the ever-changing increasing speed of data collection, every second matters. Enterprises will want more up-to-the minute analytic insights.

Automation in Analysis:

Transitional decisions such as credit approvals will rely more than ever on automation and programmatic approaches.

Faster Insights with Machine Learning:

Machine learning, a large branch of artificial intelligence, will find its way into a greater range of business processes as more and more reliable business data becomes available in real-time.

New Use Cases for Business Analytics:

Analytics will assume a more crucial role in more industries and technologies such as cybersecurity, Internet of Things, and fraud detection and prevention.