Insurance SolutionsSolutions to help the Insurance industry meet its strategic objectives.
Powering the Next ParadigmDun & Bradstreet solutions are available either as stand-alone solutions (serving a specific purpose) or as a more integrated service serving multiple purposes. Our solutions consultants work with clients to determine the optimal configuration according to need and application.

Direct for Insurance

Conceptually, the Direct+ solution can encompass operational areas of the business including: Marketing, Sales, Quoting, Finance, Procurement, Compliance and Technology.

A consistent theme running through all aspects is mastering data across the enterprise.


The Enterprise-Wide Solution for Insurance

Master Data for InsuranceIdeal for connecting legacy systems, integrating with third party sources and combining books of business.In order to support functional business needs and implement whole enterprise IT and operational processes, data leaders need to create a common data foundation. Different definitions and a lack of standardisation can require significant amounts of time to simply harmonise data for operational usage.Learn More
Driving Sales Growth in InsuranceDrive data-informed account based marketing strategies and ensure improved sales efficiency and return on investment.Transforming a sales and marketing team to enable a more proactive and data-driven approach, targeting prospects with relevancy and managing an effective ongoing dialogue for long-term profitable growth requires records to be accessible, accurate and complete.Learn More
Underwriting & Loss PreventionRobust risk assessments can be done in real time, workflows can be streamlined and accurate quotes can be delivered faster.Robust risk assessment can be done in real time, workflows can be streamlined and accurate quotes can be delivered faster. This will improve underwriting efficiency and customer experience.Learn More
Know Your Customer for InsuranceA digitally integrated solution for KYC and Compliance, negating the need for multiple reference data sources and manually intensive processing.Quick, efficient and robust KYC and compliance decisions that will stand up to audit scrutiny and mitigate risk, enabled through real time access leveraging the most global data set.Learn More
Driving Performance ImprovementDrive operational and administrative process efficiencies across the insurance value chain.Cost savings can be achieved with our solutions, from administrative and claims process efficiencies to improved marketing and sales targeting.Learn More