Credit & Risk Management

D&B Credit Monitor

Evaluate your company’s credit score, credit limits and creditworthiness.
Know how viable you are as a credit partner
D&B Credit Monitor with the Peer Comparison Pack delivers accurate information about your company to give you insight into the likelihood that you would be considered favourably as a new credit applicant, and easily assess how much others would
potentially lend you.
Access your D&B Payment Score, to know your bill paying history.
View your company's Cash Flow Risk score to gain insight into your repayment habits.
Get your Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S Number – your business’s unique nine-digit identifier.
Use the Peer Comparison Pack to compare yourself to another company's scores and limits when bidding for new business.
Update inaccurate information being reported to lenders, vendors, insurers and other companies looking to do business with you.
View your maximum credit recommendation to see if your company is recommended for credit.

How It Works

Today, companies need to make smart, swift decisions about what companies to extend credit to and how much credit to extend them. Knowing that your company's score and credit limits can change quickly, D&B Credit Monitor makes you aware of what's being reported about your company in real-time. Offering you access to your complete D&B Business Information Report, D&B Credit Monitor, keeps you up-to-date on how the market sees your company's creditworthiness, and with the Peer Comparison Pack, you know exactly where you stand against your key competitors. With a complete view of your company’s strength, D&B Credit Monitor allows you to demonstrate your business value so you can stay ahead of your competition and help ensure that you’re in the best position to win new business.
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Statutory Credit Report
If you are the owner of an unincorporated business (e.g. sole trader or small partnership) or a director of a UK registered business with an annual turnover of less than £25 million, (and is not part of a group which as a whole has an annual turnover of over £25 million) you can obtain a copy of your organisation's credit file based on the information we hold about you. Please click here for information on how to request your report.