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Prevent Business Disruption

Third-party disruptions can hamper your growth prospects
Monitor Global Operations
Centralize Risk Management
Ensure Continuity in Your Supply Chain
Anticipate problems and avert business disruption With visibility in to all levels of your supply base, you can ensure your suppliers really deliver. D&B mapping logic and proprietary data can identify supply chain risk from Tier 1 to Tier N sub-suppliers. This allows you to assess current geo-political trends, natural disasters and financial risk such as bankruptcies and other constraints. By anticipating and proactively managing problems, companies can lower risk across their supply chain.
Prevent financial exposure and evaluate supplier risk With D&B, you can track your financials, global conditions and supplier information in one centralized location. D&B delivers the clean, trusted data you need to make smart supplier decisions that enable strategic sourcing, protect critical inventory and diversify your supply base. Centralizing supplier data enables companies to constantly monitor supplier integrity on a global scale.
Protect your supply chain from sourcing risks Sourcing responsibly is now a business requirement, you’re accountable to both your customers and the government to act ethically and responsibly when sourcing. One example is human trafficking and forced labor that can occur at any point in your supply chain — from raw material providers to manufacturing and product development. With D&B’s proprietary scoring index, you get insights into where potential human trafficking may exist deep within your supply chain.
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