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Transforming Procurement

Procurement reform is not new, but we have seen an increased focus in recent years. For example, the UK Procurement Bill, which aims to establish a single legal framework for the award of public contracts.

Within the bill are proposed plans for the centralisation of data, and a more flexible and objective system – one that is more open to smaller businesses and social enterprises - while still ensuring supplier verification and regulatory scrutiny. It even includes greater focus on avoiding modern slavery and other ESG factors.

Dun & Bradstreet can assist you with reliable firmographic, financial, compliance, beneficial ownership and screening data on over 500 million organistions, that can be easily fed into centralised systems or procurement portals for scalable vendor onboarding and management. We also have Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) flags and ESG data to add to the mix.

Getting to Net Zero

The Government Net Zero Strategy is to lead the world in reducing contribution to climate change. 

Engaging in business relationships with sustainable companies is among the growing priorities to work towards this goal in a concerted, collaborative and impactful way. You may even be starting to add ESG-related weighting to contract competitions. You have an opportunity to influence not just your own procurement policies but set the ESG standard for vendors in providing services in wider verticals, too. 

Dun and Bradstreet’s Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) insights make selecting environmentally friendly third parties easier than ever. Our comprehensive ESG Rankings can be incorporated into your third-party due diligence process, highlighting risks related to climate, sustainability, modern slavery and more. Risk can be monitored on an ongoing basis with alerts to ensure alignment with your ESG goals.

Resilience Framework

From economic turbulence to the pandemic and Ukraine crisis, there have been many issues illustrating the need for the public sector to boost resilience in the past few years. You need to prepare better for shocks and react quickly to change – take stock and build resilience into policies based on recent learnings.

The UK Government resilience framework highlights the need for a shared understanding of risk, increased focus on prevention and preparation, and a need for a whole-of-society approach.

Dun & Bradstreet’s data and analytics can help you to dynamically assess and understand risk – whether financial, regulatory, or otherwise. With this information you can be prioritise investment and prepared:

  • Spot vulnerabilities and predict disruptions before they occur with indicators, monitoring, and alerts

  • Identify beneficial ownership, control, sanctions, and linkage relationships between firms to understand where risk may lie 

  • Understand vendor diversity – for example with SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) flags

  • Find lookalikes and discover lower-risk alternative vendors

Levelling-up - Driving Productivity and Growth

Productivity can be defined as how efficiently a business uses its resources, both in terms of the quality of what is delivered as well as the quantity. In both the private and public sectors, efficiency is not always as good as it could be, often due to legacy systems and processes.

Our data and solutions can provide the fuel to enable you to automate and improve productivity at point of need. Whether that be supplier onboarding or monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) and risks.

Dun & Bradstreet is passionate about enabling the public sector to achieve better outcomes. For over 90 years we have partnered with Central, Local Government and the wider public sector to co-develop innovative solutions to drive efficiency, transparency, prevent fraud and enable productivity to drive growth.

The National Data Strategy

The National Data Strategy Demonstrates that the Government understands the value of data. Data can transform the public sector, driving efficiency and transparency. Dun & Bradstreet is already providing global business data, web apps and APIs to ensure departments can leverage data as a strategic asset to gain those actionable insights that solve mission critical problems.

Critically, the D-U-N-S number allows departments like yours to share business data effectively across systems and departments, a single source of truth.

Dun & Bradstreet's solutions help you reduce risk, optimise the workload, accelerate threat assessment, improve productivity, and reduce fraud.

Thought Leadership

Best practices for using data to ensure a resilient public sector supply chain

Discover how Dun & Bradstreet can help the UK Government to master data to help drive efficiency and improve public services in this whitepaper.

You’ll also find a case study showcasing how we work with government departments on quick, reliable, and scalable supplier registrations.

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