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Supply Chain Resilience

Understand supply chain health and supplier risks to avoid disruption to services.

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Engaging with ethical companies is a priority gaining momentum across the public sector. You are being urged to take concerted, collaborative and impactful action on the Net Zero Strategy creating sustainable relationships and improving social outcomes. Perhaps you’re also looking to add ESG weightings to competitions.

You have an opportunity to influence not just your own procurement policies but set the ESG standard for vendors in providing services in wider verticals, too. 

To help you make informed choices, Dun & Bradstreet has built D&B ESG Intelligence. Assess and select suppliers on ESG criteria, actively monitor high-risk suppliers during your your relationships, and identify areas to collaborate with your suppliers to improve ESG performance.


From economic turbulence to the pandemic and Ukraine crisis, there have been many issues illustrating the need for the public sector to boost resilience in the past few years. You need to prepare better for shocks and react quickly to change – take stock and build resilience into policies based on recent learnings.

The UK Government resilience framework highlights the need for a shared understanding of risk, increased focus on prevention and preparation, and a need for a whole-of-society approach.

Dun & Bradstreet’s data and analytics can help you to dynamically assess and understand risk – whether financial, regulatory, or otherwise. With this information you can prioritise investment and be prepared:

  • Spot vulnerabilities and predict disruptions before they occur with indicators, monitoring, and alerts
  • Identify beneficial ownership, control, sanctions, and linkage relationships between firms to understand where risk may lie
  • Understand vendor diversity – for example with SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) flags
  • Find lookalikes and discover lower-risk alternative vendors
  • Research specific companies and individuals with specific attributes, for example job title


Regulatory imperatives aside, criminals are finding increasingly complex methods to execute money laundering, fraud, bribery and corruption. 

You need to understand where suspicious activity may lie to protect your public sector supply chain.

Supplier due diligence can be supported by Dun & Bradstreet’s tools and data. Quickly run checks on suppliers to verify them, establish directors, beneficial owners and linkages, and screen for sanctions, PEPs and adverse media.

Dun & Bradstreet can support you in putting in place internal controls and monitoring through both data and automation. The nature of these controls will depend on the size and complexity of your supply chain. 


The public sector is being pushed to balance the need to make savings, with improving efficiencies and improving service delivery levels. One way to do this is to increase scalability and capacity within procurement.

Dun & Bradstreet can support you to scale and accelerate procurement processes, with our leading data and intelligent technologies:

  • Supplier due diligence and onboarding – verify and run supplier checks quickly against our 500 million business records at the point of need – either via API or web app. Understand firmographics, financial analytics, family trees, CCJs and more.

  • Vendor optimisation – track and monitor spend across your portfolio and with specific vendors.

  • Cost optimisation – gain a consolidated view of suppliers’ global business hierarchies to see if you could have a more strategic, cost-effective relationship with a parent organisation.

Shipping Intelligence Data

Global maritime trade is a key area effecting all aspects of the UK economy and the UK’s place in the world. Disruption to this trade is being affected more and more and set to increase as events in 2022-2024 have shown. For example, around a fifth of global shipping trade was affected in early 2024 due to military actions in the middle east.

Recent areas of concern are all major route areas and all effect the UK and our partners.
- Red Sea
- Taiwan pacific region
- South China Sea
- Suez Canal

Understanding what’s going where and when, via maritime transport, can aid the UK Government in planning preventative actions and reactions to shocks, and mediate any impact with timely interventions.

In addition, detailed knowledge of shipping routes and cargos linked to business ownership can aid in the on-going battle against organised crime and international terrorism. Economic planning can also be aided by knowing the volumes and values of impact and export cargos, When linked wiht additional business data, policy can be produced to increase the UK trade efforts.

The Dun & Bradstreet shipping file links ships , containers and routes to business data combining maritime intelligence with commercial insight. This combination provides intelligence to plan, intercept and interdict in the economic, trade, counter crime and military intelligence areas of Government.

Thought Leadership

Best practices for using data to ensure a resilient public sector supply chain

Discover how Dun & Bradstreet can help the UK Government to master data to help drive efficiency and improve public services in this whitepaper.

You’ll also find a case study showcasing how we work with government departments on quick, reliable, and scalable supplier registrations.

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