Build Trusted Relationships With Simple Information Sharing

Backed by HSBC’s 150 years in facilitating international trade and led by an exceptional team of executives with decades of track record in the supply risk space, Serai is building a neutral platform to help companies build relationships in apparel sourcing and grow their businesses in a digital and efficient way, using Dun and Bradstreet’s data to provide in-depth company insights, mitigate risk and ensure corporate compliance.Contact Us

With Serai, You Can:

  • Build and amplify your digital presence by showcasing your business capabilities.
  • Search, find and connect with businesses. Become part of a community and interact with credible new partners.
  • Leverage multiple data sources to validate information and inform key business interactions.

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Showcase Your Unique Capabilities

Serai is the place where you search, find and connect with businesses that offer the products and services you're looking for. And If you want, you can get in touch instantly. By browsing the platform you learn about potential business partners, see their certifications and the efforts they made in sustainability and compliance.

Access Business Solutions (Coming Soon)

Serai is designed to connect numerous industry solutions from finance to factory floor management to a large network of companies in the industry’s supply chain, enabling buyers, suppliers and third-party service providers to exchange data securely.

Serai’s vision is to simplify trade by providing a one-stop solution for businesses of all sizes, and in all industries to showcase themselves, connect with new partners and access business solutions.