The Power of Localized Business Data for Smarter Targeting

We live in an increasingly complex digital economy. Businesses have a responsibility to target and connect with relevant customers in real-time within the context of where their behavior takes place in the physical world. Accurate place information, better known as point-of-interest data (POI), makes that possible. When critical business decisions require details about the people, places, and things that matter, having easy access to accurate and relevant data points is important.

Access Precise Business and Location Insights

Many POI offerings lack critical insights, such as market risk, to prioritize and target attractive markets. As market leaders, the combined value of Dun & Bradstreet’s global business identity data and the proven strength of Pitney Bowes POI solution is unmatched. From fraud and risk analysis to geographic relationship connections, together, we help companies improve performance and realize profitable growth through better, more trusted data.

Gain the Advantage to Manage Risk and Opportunity

Enjoy speed to market while balancing needed risk management measures:

  • Better understand your market area by profiling a region's business composition
  • Assess the identify of commercial entities and their associated attractiveness
  • Obtain precise location data and attributes
  • Reduce opportunity costs with better segmentation to drive investments
  • Leverage risk scores to increase average deal size

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