Dun & Bradstreet and Adobe

Expand your audience reach with Dun & Bradstreet’s Sales and Marketing Solutions

D&B Data Across the Adobe Experience Cloud

Digital marketers can more effectively and efficiently choose D&B B2B audience segments via the Adobe Audience Manager.
Identify unknown web visitors and improve reporting with embedded D&B Visitor Intelligence insights in Adobe Analytics.
Create a “virtuous circle” between application modules to continually identify, build, engage and retarget audiences within Adobe Experience Cloud.

Match Anonymous Visitors to Actual Business Entities

Dun & Bradstreet natively embeds D&B Visitor Intelligence within Adobe Analytics for improved reporting and identification of unknown site visitors. D&B’s rich business data fills the Adobe Analytics dashboard with actionable insights and information that turn the anonymous into the known, improve campaign attribution, identify new industries and companies, and start the customer journey on the right path.

Create and Deliver Customised and Relevant Marketing Campaigns

Now, armed with granular knowledge of formerly anonymous visitors, it’s possible to deliver a custom and personalised message to a specific visitor via the Adobe Experience Manager… leading to much higher conversion rates, a far better digital experience for your visitors and increased ROI for your digital investments.

Customer Success Stories: Audience Segments and D&B Visitor Intelligence

Learn how a Fortune 100 Financial Services company augments 1st party data with extensive, accurate B2B information from Dun & Bradstreet through Adobe Marketing Cloud in this Customer Success Story.

Then, read about how Adobe has partnered with Dun & Bradstreet to help companies drive improved targeting in their B2B digital marketing campaigns with deterministic fact-based data in this Partner Story.