Master Data for Insurance

Ideal for connecting legacy systems, integrating with third party sources and combining books of business.

Master Data Management for Insurance

Create a standardised data structure underpinned by the D-U-N-S® number, the industry-wide classification system for commercial entities. This supports identification and reconciliation of unique business records, even when they don’t look like duplicates. Connect data together to fill-in missing data points across disparate systems. Ideal for connecting legacy systems and also for integrating from 3rd party sources such as with M&A in combining other books of business. Find out more about D&B Direct for Insurance

Deeper Understanding of Risk Exposure

Dun & Bradstreet coverage of the business universe enables an understanding of total exposure within a corporate family tree. Data drawn from tens of thousands of sources, daily data updates in their millions, and the patented DUNSRight process for data validation assure you the most robust 360-degree view of your customers and prospects. Find out more about D&B Direct for Insurance
Our work with Dun & Bradstreet has allowed us to enrich the quality of our data, ensuring an aligned view of our customer across our organization. Whilst the complexity of data increases, the integrated D&B Solution across our global applications has allowed our organisation to consolidate our customer data to a single standardised view, giving us a complete view of our customer.
Yanna Winter , CIO and Hayden Seach, Global COO, Generali Global Corporate and Commercial

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