Engage and Nurture Your Prospects

Nurture the right prospects across channels to accelerate the buyer’s journey.
Gain Better Visibility

Today's B2B buying experience is anything but linear. In fact, prospects are expecting customized digital experiences that mirror the traditional consumer experience. Therefore, teams must be able to connect lead data from all channels to empower better-informed sales outreach while supporting the shift towards ABM tactics.

To capture your prospects' attention, you need to gain better visibility into their complex digital journey and better tailor your direct marketing strategies across your website. Leverage insights from D&B Visitor Intelligence to connect digital activity to known accounts in order to better understand engagement and identify new leads.

More Personalized Experiences Equal More Profitable Relationships

Delivering messages that directly relate to the needs and interests of your prospects and customers helps you cut through the noise. You can do this by providing personalized content and experiences based on which businesses are visiting your website and what pages they are viewing.

Solutions such as D&B Visitor Intelligence and D&B Optimizer for Marketing help empower your teams with the sales and marketing insights required to tailor digital experiences and messaging to your target audiences. When prospects see that you understand their objectives, they will be more likely to choose your solution over the competition's.

Simplify and Accelerate the Path to Conversion

The purchasing funnel involves many buyers and spans multiple channels both online and offline. That’s why you can’t waste any opportunities to convert engagement into leads.

Providing a more consistent experience and engaging the right contact at the right time help reduce friction along the buyer's journey. Optimize your marketing campaign execution by leveraging D&B Visitor Intelligence to pre-fill lead forms and reduce abandonment rates, which helps to achieve faster revenue growth.